Saturday, February 21, 2009

Linksys WUSB300N Wireless-N USB Network Adapter


By overlaying the signals of multiple radios, Wireless-N's Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate. Whereas ordinary wireless technologies are confused by signal reflections, MIMO actually makes use of these reflections to increase the range while reducing dead spots in the coverage area. This means the signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections at up to three times the distance of standard Wireless-G, so the farther away you are, the more speed advantage you get. This Wireless-N adapter is fully backward compatible, so it works great with standard Wireless-G and -B routers, but when both ends of the wireless link are Wireless-N enabled, you can experience increased throughput by using twice as much radio band, which allows speeds up to 15 times that of standard Wireless-G.
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