Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Razer RZ81-030101B2M1 Razer Exactmat and Exactrest

Razer RZ81-030101B2M1 Razer Exactmat and Exactrest

The dual-sided Razer eXactMat provides two distinct performance surfaces--SPEED for action/adventure and FPS games and high-sensitivity gamers; and CONTROL for RPG and RTS games and low-sensitivity gamers--on a non-slip, anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant anodized aluminum hard coat. Oversized and uniquely-shaped, the Razer eXactMat gaming mousepad is specifically designed to support all opti-mechanical and optical mice for precise movements.

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Chris said...

I played with the Exactmat for like two weeks and I wasn't happy at all. My mouse skipped almost all the time and skipping is the most annoying thing in the world. I bought a SteelSeries QcK instead and it works fine now.

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