Monday, July 30, 2007

Miuchiz Virtual Companions - Bratz Babyz Cloe

Miuchiz Virtual Companions

"I’m Cloe! I’m not a drama queen—more like a drama princess!" Welcome to a whole new world of virtual friends…the world even has a name: Planet Mion. Players can interact with the Miuchiz personal digital character (Bratz Babyz Cloe, in this case) in all the usual virtual companion ways (keeping Cloe happy, fed, and amused), but then they can step up the action by plugging the unit into a computer’s USB port to go online to Planet Mion. Here Cloe interacts live with any other Miuchiz characters that happened to be plugged in—anywhere in the world (Earth, that is)! She can shop, connect with new and old friends, visit a salon, try on clothes, and play oodles of games.

The three main modes of play—single player, two player, or on-line—allow Cloe’s Earthling friends to interact with her any time, anywhere. They can even help Cloe trade items with other Miuchiz pals. Keep in mind that in the on-line mode players (with Mom and Dad’s help) will first have to set up an account and download software to their computer. Twenty-first century kids, savvy about technology, will have no problem navigating through Planet Mion with Cloe. Parents can rest assured that, even when entering the on-line mode, there are enough checks and balances to make sure all interactions are kid-friendly and age-appropriate. Requires three "AAA" batteries (batteries are included for demonstration purposes only).--Emilie Coulter

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