Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Black Hole for Computers

It may sound an overstatement but recent facts suggest that US Institutions represent for computers what the Bermuda triangle represents for airplanes and boats: a black hole.

The New York Times reported last week that 20 desktop computers are missing from the US government department responsible for safeguarding technical secrets about nuclear weapons from foreign spies.

At least 14 computers on 20 have been used for classified data processing.

The investigation made clear that official procedures were partially respect or weren’t respected since a recent audit by the Energy Department inspector general discovered that the department used computers not listed in internal inventories and one computer previously listed as “destroyed”.

Such situation is aggravated by the fact that it is the thirteenth time in four years that an audit has highlighted the leaks in the US Agency for Nuclear Security , whose laboratories and factories design and produce nuclear warheads.

“Problems with the control and accountability of desktop and laptop computers have plagued the department for a number of years,” the report said.

Earlier this year , The US Deparment of justice released a report that highlighted the FBI significant losses of weapons and laptops : 160 laptop computers and 160 weapons were missing.

The problems in that situation and in present cases are always incomplete inventories, delays in reporting missing items and lack of care by employees.

Source : www.zone-h.org

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